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Joy in Iran is an independent „Low-Budget“ full feature documentary, produced with not much more but great personal dedication. All members oft he team made huge sacrifices to their remunerations, being convinced that this film supports the important work of „Clowns without Borders“ worldwide. Furthermore it is an important contribution to bringing cultures together and understanding among nations.

The filming in Iran was finished successfully in January 2017. Now we have to make a professional movie and need for audio processing, sound track, cut and animation and many more things about 25.000 €.

If all people, that are convinced that the work of „Clowns without Borders“ is very important, donate just a little amount of money, we can get the needed sum together and bring the movie „Joy in Iran“ to an international audience.

Each and everybody can contribute to the project:

– Support from 25 € on you get the DVD incl. free delivery to your home
– Support up to 50 € or more you get the DVD including a licence for private, non-commercial use (e.g. schools, Universities, adult education…)
– Support up to 100 € or more will additionally be given credit at the trailer of the movie
– Support up to 200 € or more get additionally an invitation for 2 as guests of honor for opening night

That’s how it works
Just transfer the donation you may think is apropriate to the bank account qoted below. Please make sure that the name is written clearly.
Then please send us an email with your name and address to, so we can send you the DVD when project is finnished.

Account holder: Konzept+Dialog.Medienproduktion
Kreissparkasse München Starnberg Ebersberg
IBAN: DE46 7025 0150 0027 3990 05
BIC: GENODEM1GLS (Kreissparkasse München Starnberg Ebersberg)
Payment reference: Donation to JOY IN IRAN

If you are a business holder or an Institution and would like to be a sponsor our movie, we are looking forward to receiving an email from you. We will gladly send you our conditions on sponsoring revenues.