Susie Wimmer alias Clown “Happ”

Actress, Clown, freelance artist

Since 1985 she has been performing, improvising, dancing, singing, assisting. She also choreograps and produces for independent productions of all kinds of art disciplines national and abroad. She is a member of „Clinic-Clowns“, „Clowns without Borders“, the „Blindgänger“ (an association for blind and vision impaired people) and various groups for improvisation. She holds workshops in improvisation and clown-art for doctors, medical students and clinic staff.

Susie Wimmer is second chair of „Clowns without Borders“, Deutschland e.V. She initiated the Iran-journey and is the main character in the movie. More information about Susie please visit here!

Andreas Schock, alias Clown “Hepp”

Trainer for Social Care Work, also working as Clown and performing as Court Jester for the Bayrische Schlösserverwaltung (guided children’s tours).

Furthermore, he is father of three children and actively performes at „Klinikclowns“. Since the age of 15, he plays in a band and performes for an independent drama group „Clowns vor Ort“ in Weißenburg. He holds speeches about humor and even wrote his dissertation about „Humor for the elderly“.
Also he is proud to be a member of the German association „Clowns without Borders“.

Dr. Monika Single, alias Clown “Hupp”

Alongside work Monika Single did a basic course for Clowns in Freising. Later on she did more workshops and perfomed small roles as clown „Peppina“.
2012 she joined „Clowns without Borders“. 2013 she took over a position in the managing board. The Iran-journey in January 2017 was the first time she actually traveled for the association. She found the people most affectionate, warm and open minded. Hardly ever she had felt so welcome and experienced such hospitality like in Iran. „This country and its people fascinates me – now even more since I have all the momories of lovely hugs, deep conversations and intense encounter, I’m longing to be there again“.

Reza Abedini

was born in Teheran/Iran. After getting his higher education entrance qualification, he studied engineering at Polytechnic University of Teheran. After that he was managing director at his parent’s company for sanitary products. During his various business travels to Afganistan, he realised, that the country was in a very poor condition. This made him deside to help by opening up a factory there in 2007 to generate new „fair“ jobs. Altogether he built four manufacturing units in Afganistan.
Reza traveled abroad to conflicted regions and walked through them by foot. Being inspired by moving moments he had experienced there, he founded an aid organisation „Yeki Hastim“, translated into English: „We Are One“. The website of „Yeki Hastim“ is one of the top peacemaking websites in Iran. Therefore it manages to attract the attiontion of lots of people and donations coming from finance local aid projects or help people in troubled regions all over the world.

Prof. Dr. Willi Butollo

After his graduation to become a primary school teacher, he studied Psychology at University of Vienna and took a doctoral degree (Dr. phil) in 1968. At the University of Graz he gained in 1972 a postdoctoral qualification in psychology. Subsequently he worked for the University of London. 1973 he came to Munich’s Maximilian-University to take over a chair position in clinical psychology. His favourite research interests are anxiety disorder and post traumatic stress disorder for which he has developed his own approach of therapy, called integrative therapy. Prof. Willy Butollo is a first-rate scientist in the field of trauma psychology. He published several books on the subject.
More information about Prof. Willi Butollo.


…. The people of Iran – children, adults, doctors, nurses, supervisors and guardians, workers, employers, men, women, young- middle-aged or older people….. as well as a fascinating country with its millenuim-old advanced civilazation!