„Clowns without Borders“ travel voluntarily (like Doctors without Boundaries) to conflict areas and places where people need help. Their medicine is humor, human sympathy and joy of living and happiness – collectively experienced.

accompanies the three artists Susie Wimmer, Andreas Schock and Moni Single from the association „Clowns without Borders“ during their visits and performances in Iran in January 2017. The clowns travel to the capital Teheran, the Iranian province of Kerman and the Holy City Mashad. There they visit facilities like a home for former female drug addicts with their children, an orphanage, a school for waifs and strays, a children’s hospital, a mental institution and camps for Afghan refugees to get in touch directly with children and adults. Those places, on the fringe of society, are the onces giving us the most special impression of daily life in this country.

Susie Wimmer holds a workshop for Iranian clinic clowns in Teheran. Being a very profound teacher, she manages, despite ethnic boundaries, to make it clear, that human sense of humor and the language of comedy work universally. Therewith, she shows us how to overcome visible and hidden boundaries and how to share laughter, happiness and love.

With our clowns is Reza Abedini, the Iranian tourguide. While being on the trip, the intelligent young man from Teheran transforms from a perfect organised tour manager to an Iranian clown. Before he knows it, he „catches the virus“ and in the end, performes on stage like he is one of them.

Subliminary, the movie about the clown-journey in Iran arises essential issues of human life: Which meaning does humor have for our livelihood? Which role does laughter play in fostering human encounter? How do moments of joy, experienced together, help to overcome interpersonal frontiers? Do short moments of happiness contribute to the healing of traumatised kids and adults?
How can the clowns Susie, Andreas, Moni (and in the end Reza too) resolve hidden barriers and cultural differences during their performances to be able to share sympathy and love with their audience?

Internationally renowned, the qualified psychologist and trauma specialist Prof. Dr. Willi Butollo gives an interview in the film, saying, that visits of clowns can set positive development in motion when people are in situations of crisis and far reaching impact can be seen.

is going to be a film about sharing humor and joy; about healing, unbounded impact of happiness and love…. In Iran or somewhere else.